The need within various manufacturing, production and construction sector has created for people with ability and practical skills to use different type of lifting machines to perform a wide range of activities safely and efficiently, with due consideration for the context in which they operate.


  1. Counter balance fork lift.(F1,F2,F3,F4,)

The occupational health and safety ACT states in the driven Machinery Regulations that operators of lifting machines such as forklift must be trained. if you are trained in this course and you are successful, a certificate of training will be issued to you that will be valid for 2 two years. This certificate states that you are competent operator in terms of occupational health and safety ACT, Driven machinery regulations 18,


  1. Reach Truck.(F5)

To operate a reach stacker or truck takes place within a regulatory frame work that seeks to ensure safety of the operator, the reach truck and its environment. The learner will acquire the competencies and skills to operate the components, systems and joy sticker to accomplish the task of lifting and handling loads appropriately


  1. Truck mounted Loader crane

Cranes are machines used for lifting, lowering and moving loads, materials, equipment, items etc. On completion of this course a learner will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the functions of a truck mounted loader crane


  1. Over head cranes

This course helps the learner to identify   safety and suitability of cranes prior utilisation thereof. and also recognise methods for inspecting and recording the operational fitness of all components of the crane,re-act to recognised hand signals


  1. Operate a skid steer loader

The skid steer loader is a versatile vehicle, sin attachments for loading and off loading purposes or for transporting materials over short distances. Therefore there are many differences to the normal road going vehicles as far as controls and operation is concerned.


  1. Aluminum Alloy Scaffolding

The person credited with this unit standard will be able to describe the components of prefabricated aluminium alloy scaffolding. They will be able to assemble and dismantle prefabricated aluminium alloy scaffolding in a safe and efficient way at a work site.